nashville! I MISS U!

internship with sarah barlow

intenship inblack


internship inblack2


OMG guys!! I am so overwhelmed right now.
I am back in NY, listening to all the songs we were listening in nashville and realizing that those 10 days were so incredible good. or how sarah would say: TOTALLY CLASSIC.
sarah, thank u so much. for teaching me not just photography, but also patience, love and trust in GOD.
he is amazing and connects us all. I love u all. Wish you girls a good start in your businesses, keep following your vision and dreams. So after many years we really can say: what a beautiful life. now we have the tools and we just need to use them. I will keep following all your blogs. And I probably see u in Germany-for a retreat? lol.
Miss u a lot.


just took this picture from the airplane. how beautiful. I hope you all can see all the beauty what God shows us every single day.

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Ooooooh, I miss you, Xenia!!! So glad you had a safe trip home. I'll be praying for you as you head back to Germany. I'd love to come visit sometime for a retreat...we'll see what God has in store. :)
Much love,
Nice to read about you- I am ex intern as well and it was such an amazing experiance. so differant from everyone, Awesome pictures! Love your name, exotic like mine- lol

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