normal special day

hello. today is my post number 100. :) WOOHOO!

wow, I didn't really post anything personal in the last time. so I really want to catch up. so today was a TOTALLY normal, but such a special day. I am not a really big fan of birthdays and those days which MUST be special. it feels like those days are under such a pressure. they need to be special. I rather love those normal days, most of them are during the week, which are special.
so anyway, today was such a NORMAL SPECIAL day. I told u guys that I took some business and psychology classes for starting my own business fulltime. I needed to write a business concept, to calculate everything, to inform about the additional insurances, prepare everything for my taxes and so on. so I was working on all this papers and organizing everything. So, now I am done. FINALLY DONE!! (it feels soo good to say that!) so on this normal special day I gave all my papers to the office!! So since today I am a fulltime photographer. I really can't describe this feeling! It feels soo good to start something what you deeply love! today was this moment, in which I am just so grateful!

I call those moments HAPPINESS.

so just wanted to share it with YOU. and now I have even more time for YOU!
I wish YOU those normal special days in your life. and those moments. :) and maybe I can catch some of them and give them back to you.

.:love what you do, do what you love:.


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Hey Xenia,
I finally 'took' the time to check out your site - truly impressive; and your blog - very inspirational.
Your Carpe diem approach to life and towards the things you love, is infectious. So keep up the good work!
I would love to work with you in the near future. So I'll keep in touch and drop in once in a while to see what's caught your eye lately.

God bless,
Erika da Fonseca

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