now is the creative moment.

not only is concentrating on the flame of faith the key to living a good life with god and others; it is also offers you the freedom and incentive to create. now is the moment of greatness! now is the start of the dream you've always been too distracted to begin. center on the flame of faith before you. it's all that matters. think of the wonders people have created by responding to the now. at one second in time, beethoven wrote the first note of his fifth symphony, van gogh laid the first dab of paint on the canvas that became his elf-portrait, and tolstoy wrote the first word of the novel war and peace. they all started in the now. imagine the flood of power-packed nows that lie before you. grab one and confidently move into the greatness of god's dream for you. do good and keep the flame alive with your love of the father.




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