the wind.

I haven't experienced such a windy day at the beach in the whole year I was living here.

the wind is so unpredictable.
it is strong.
and childish,
loves to play with the waves.
goes up and down
and up side down

"the wind goeth toward the south
and turneth about unto the north;
it whirleth about continually,
and the wind returneth again according to his circuits."




listen. can u hear that?
the music. i can hear it everywhere.
in the wind. in the air. the light.
it's all around us.
all you have to do is open yourself up.
all you have to do is listen.

august rush.


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oh wow xeni. i love the picture of you!!! And the quote of august rush . .. .is it from the movie "der klang deines herzens" ??? loved that movie!!
Dear Xenia, hear this wind song by Colorado’s beloved son ~

P.S. One
Wow, you’re a fantastic fotog!
(BTW, cool sun flair in that last photo of you :)

P.S. Two
My twitter is @TallEagle . . . tweet, tweet, tweet . . .

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