what I love the most.

what do I love to take the pictures of?
of course right now I am taking pictures of everything.
mainly of people, but sometimes pieces of art work or even church windows as I was in ny. but mostly I love to take portraits, that is what I realized. I love having just one person in front of me and spending time with this person. get to know the person. I want to reflect the personality. of course every time I hear the well known phrase: ”I am not photogenic”. every time I hear it, I smile in the inside. because SERIOUSLY I hear it every single time! but you know canon has this special tool. it makes out of non-photogenic people REAL PEOPLE WITH PERSONALITY AND BEAUTY AND SELF CONFIDENCE! :) and this is what I LOVE. to reflect this discovery. to show them, how beautiful they are. how precious. how wonderful. How different and unique. and how good is to be THEM. not somebody else.
..we are GOD’s creation and his creation is perfect. even if we don't see it like this. but for GOD we are even more precious..



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wow great portraits :)
Turning from the blogs I have come here. I'll leave a greeting
Gio '

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