//happiness is in a simple cheesecake//

one of the reasons I didn't blog or couldn't blog is that
the first weeks here weren't so "wow. i wanna stay here forever. and I love it" they've actually been pretty tough for me.
I definitely love traveling. I do. I love being independent. I love photography. I love meeting new people. I love details.
and love adventure. I was pretty sure i would like it here. but it wasn't this way from the beginning. not everything worked out how I wanted or expected.
so in the end i felt really frustrated. even my camera didn't work anymore. (but it is fine now.)

I got emails from my friends, how much they wanted to be in Australia and to be able to do all thing I do and see.
and they were telling me about random things, which I missed so much.
It didn't make sense, because I felt they should be very happy have each other and do so many things which meant so much to me and they wanted to be where I was and experience all the new things.

one day my friend and I were skyping and she was telling me, that she is making her FIRST cheesecake.
such a simple thing. but which makes life wonderful.

life is not really about chasing for everything you wish for. because there is no end for it. we will never get satisfied.
so many people look at other peopleā€˜s lives and wish to do the same, to be somewhere else, to achieve something,
to get a special degree, to own something, to look like someone or whatever it is. even if they don't really know the whole story and what is behind those lives.

this is what i realized here even more:

happiness is in small things.
happiness is real when shared.

so sometimes it is enough to feel happy to bake the first cheesecake and to share it with a friend.
wanted to share it with you all. hope you feel encourage to enjoy and appreciate your life every day.

IMG_4644 Kopie


- Cassie

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