I feel so sorry I didn't blog for so long. I actually pretty much love it, because I can reflect what happens and i also feel productive.
I started blogging in my mind weeks ago. :) I actually had so much to say. to show. to tell about.

so, I don't know if all of you guys know. I am in melbourne/australia for couple month. YES. It is 24 degrees outside. I am sitting with shorts and shirt. just had a mango. It is 7 pm and still not dark outside.

everytime I go somewhere else, out of my box, i learn so much. usually things I don't really expect. this time I just wanted to use it and to grow more in photography. do different projects, go to the photoexhibitions, to shoot an wedding overseas, to get contacts and get inspired. there are couple goals on my list. but also some free projects.

wedding photography is what I wanna do in my future. //so you can email me anytime, I will be back in spring for the weddingsaison 2011// I definitely wanna focus on it for the following years.

but during this time I wanna take you on my journey. show you where I go. what I see. what I do.



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