what a creative wedding!
i trully enjoyed the happiness and joy the whole day.

i met kimi and adam just couple weeks ago. they inspired me their personalities and the way of life.
they are very creative. love to draw, to travel, to dance, to sing.
kimi is a singer and adam is a dancer.
but they are also travellers. the spent a year in paris.
moved from sydney to melbourne.

the wedding was seriously so much fun.
after the ceremony we went to the vegetarian restaurant. it was so good.
i ate with the asian sticks for the first time in my life.
the details made the wedding special.
the polaroid camera.
the guestbook //artists i met and liked//
the rings in a box
selfmade paperflowers by kimi




thanks to kimi and adam.
I wish you love, faith and hope.

kimi and ads


IMG_6660 Kopie

IMG_5972 Kopie

IMG_5983 Kopie

IMG_5987 Kopie


IMG_6034 Kopie

IMG_6051 Kopie

IMG_6056 Kopie

IMG_6060 Kopie

IMG_6085 Kopie

IMG_6163 Kopie

IMG_6097 Kopie

IMG_6115 Kopie

IMG_6107 Kopie


IMG_6154 Kopie


kimi and ads2
IMG_6230 Kopie

kimi and ads3

IMG_6314 Kopie

IMG_6340 Kopie

IMG_6278 Kopie

IMG_6409 Kopie

IMG_6460 Kopie

IMG_6606 Kopie

IMG_6756 Kopie

IMG_6554 Kopie



here is the slideshow.

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