last night i was reading about the businesses run by christians by mike larson.
and it really opened my eyes.
sometimes u start something and kind of loose the vision, trying to get your clients,
to work on quality, to manage your finances and to find new inspiration and be creative all the time.

so what is the vision?
what is your vision in life?
and what is the difference between business run by a christian? is there one?

i wanna quote mike thoughts.

"business is a tool that GOD uses to refine our own character and to glorify Him in ways that our personal lives may not allow us to do. "

"business is about GOD's deeper work in us and the people around us"

it really made my think. of course we shouldn't make a line between our personal lives and our businesses. as business owners, as our individual lives change to be more Christ like, our businesses should also become more Christ like.
starting my own business change my view of work. usually people are not very happy about mondays and work.
i am. i am thankful about every client and every possibility to get new experiences, to learn and to grow.
but it is not just about that. and also not just about finances.

"business can bring growth to my character, strength to my family/friends, blessing to people who work with me who may not have otherwise been blessed. it can give me the chance to learn through sacrifice and giving. "

more of his aspects and thoughts read in his blog




and here are some pictures of a //we are family// shoot.

1 Kopie



5 Kopie







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Oh I love this post. The pictures and your words. So true. Focus on God- he'll do the rest.
love, nadia

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